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Back Patio Press

Time. Wow.

Time. Wow.

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Fiction: Flash
Pages: 85
Cover: Soft cover
Cover Type: Glossy
Format: Paperback
Author: Neil Clark
Publisher: Back Patio Press
ISBN: 978-1-7332757-3-6

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A love story spanning 65 million years. A kid with a skyscraper growing on his head. The fate of a note sitting in a jacket pocket for decades. A rumour of a black hole hiding in the ocean. In Neil Clark's stunning debut collection, the cosmic and the mundane collide, drawing the reader through breathless twists of fate and exposing the poignant truths hidden where you least expect them. Clark's succinct and imaginative prose glints like old starlight on a new diamond ring.

"Time. Wow. by Neil Clark is a brilliantly original collection of micro fiction on the nature of existence. Witty, touching and sometimes very sad, these stories are deeply pertinent to the world today and show the ways in which people cope with life when everything becomes alien."

- Jude Higgins, Director, Flash Fiction Festival & Recipient of Bath Flash Fiction Award

"Time. Wow. is both playful and serious in its exploration of what it means to be human. Travelling across time, space and dimensions, Clark cleverly uses the hugest of themes to unpick the smallest of truths. Stories lean towards an acknowledgement of the universality of pain with a much-needed strand of hope. In particular, 'Talk' and '+0' are gut-punch pieces that showcase the author to be an up-and-coming voice whose whispers just might echo into your past and future."

- Stephanie Hutton, author of Three Sisters of Stone